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About Similo

After a long time in the I. T industry, armed with project management skills, I decided to pursue and fulfill my dream of giving an unparalleled service in the wedding industry. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing the beaming smiles from the brides as they walk down the aisle. 

My role as lead planner and designer is to:
    ◦    Run with the couple’s vision paying attention to every detail
    ◦    Give the bride, groom and their families peace of mind 
    ◦    Execute a flawless event
    ◦    Ensure a fun filled day


pic 11.jpeg
Similo Mpala - Events Xtra Ordinaire

- Similo Mpala

Turning visions into reality

It's not about the number of weddings and events that we have seamlessly implemented and overseen, but achieving your own personal vision.

My team and I will surely bring our warm and calming smiles and expertise to give you a professionally managed event.

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